You Just Never Know…

On Mother’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on how I spent one of my best Mother’s Days. In case I haven’t shared it enough, New York City is my 2nd favorite city on Earth. I first visited the city with my best friend (and her parents) from high school at the time as a sophomore in high school and I was smitten from the first time we wheeled into the city. Now mind you, we did drive from Houston to NYC with a few overnight stays along the way and this road trip planted my extreme dislike of road trips. Nevertheless, this trip planted the seed for my love of NYC. When I step off the plane, I can feel the energy of the city and I love it. The husband is a CaliBoy so he doesn’t fully understand my love of this magnificent city. And, I’m a TexasGirl (Houston is of course my favorite city). So, when I had the opportunity to take my little family to NYC…I absolutely couldn’t believe it.

This epic experience started with my sister sending me a random email and telling me to apply to the Mom of The Year Contest hosted by the Today show. I randomly applied one evening before coming home. I had to write an essay which I quickly submitted. I usually save EVERYTHING, but this was such a far reach, that I didn’t even save my essay. I just knew I wouldn’t win. I was just satisfying my sister. Exactly one week later, the Today show called me as I was leaving the gym trying to rush and get the kids as all moms do. I had no personal leave time left at work…because kids. But, I talked to my principal the next day and he told me I must go to NYC and two weeks later, we were on a plane.

We have so many stories to tell about this experience, from the kids fighting on TV, to the husband almost passing out under the lights because of something he ate the night before…but we made it. I had the time of my life and it just solidified my love of the city. We visited NYC six years later and this time without a double stroller and diapers but one person in our party had bandages due to post-surgery recovery but again…we made it.

Needless to say, I was one of three finalists but I didn’t win the Mom of the Year Contest. I don’t need a contest win and $100k+ to tell me tell me what I already know-I am the best mom these kids ever had and that’s a fact. But, this experience taught me to always shoot my shot before this was a thing. You really just never know. At the least, you may win a trip to the Big Apple.

Dee Dee Wheaton

Dee Dee Wheaton is the editor and main contributor of her family’s blog, The Wheaton Takeover. She writes and edits her posts listening to hip hop and r&b while sipping hot tea. Dee Dee and her family have temporarily relocated to Dublin, Ireland from Houston, Texas. They are traveling the world, learning and experiencing new things everyday and loving life one day at a time. Through their blog, they share their worldwide excursions, experiences living as American expats in Ireland, lessons learned along the way and glimpses into their crazy life.