A Visit To the Titanic Museum in Belfast

Titanic Museum Belfast

Titanic Museum Belfast

The Glitter Princess had been working on a school project about the Titanic. She was over the moon excited and had been talking about the project for what seemed like forever (so much so that Bigg Dogg had nightmares about the ship sinking ?). The Titanic and 1514 passengers and crew sank on its maiden voyage on April 15, 1912 and yet its story is still both fascinating and dramatic if I must say so myself. Well, the kids were on mid-term break (an entire week off in February-similar to Spring Break in the states) and we decided to explore a little of Northern Ireland and top off all the Titanic talk with a visit to the Titanic Museum. The museum visit was a great fit as there are unique experiences for kids such as a guided worksheet and scavenger hunt for characters throughout the exhibits.

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Where is the Titanic Museum?:

The Titanic Museum is located in Belfast, UK (Northern Ireland) which is about a two and a half hour drive from Dublin. It is located on the former Harland & Wolff shipyard where the ship was planned, designed and constructed.

While doing research for this road trip, it was quite intriguing to learn the history of the conflict of Northern Ireland. To explore further there are several black cab tours that can be scheduled which we did not do due to little people and time constraints but we have heard they are well worth it.

Titanic Museum Belfast

Design and Features of the Titanic Museum:

The first noticeable feature of the museum is the building’s design. It has four amazing shards made up of three thousand pieces of aluminum and two thousand of those pieces are completely unique which creates a stunning effect. The exterior stands at an impressive 126 feet (about 13 stories) and the shards were designed to replicate the four hulls of the ship and are the same height as the Titanic. These details puts the ocean liner’s size into perspective. Some even say the museum’s design is eerily similar to an iceberg.

The museum immerses you in the Industrial Age and Belfast’s existence during that time period. Interestingly, the population of Belfast was larger during this time period than it is today. The different rooms of the museum put names, faces, early ship designs and even wages in plain view to explore in depth. In the middle of your tour, there is a simulated ride that takes you through the process of building of the ship. At this point, the kids’ interest started to peak.

Interestingly, there are no actual artifacts from the Titanic on display and understandingly so being that some items have been auctioned for millions. But, there is a theatre that takes you on a visual tour of the wreckage which is 2.5 miles under water.

As you progress through the museum there are replicas of the different rooms which were amazing to see in present day. There is an exhibit that gives credit to all the movie recreations of the Titanic and most notably is the 1997 fictional release of James Cameron’s Titanic. (Here’s a funny story about that movie experience.) The museum tour concludes with the Titanic’s last hours of survival, the distress calls, the stories of the passengers and the aftermath.

Titanic Museum Belfast

Review of the Titanic Museum:

The Belfast and the Titanic are fascinating stories beyond belief and the museum is a great model to tell their tales. *Warning: The wind was vicious and we are still figuring out the Go Pro-especially after the Bigg Dogg decided to change all the settings ?. Sigh.

The Glitter Princess adds her stamp of approval:

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Does the Titanic story intrigue you as well? Please leave a comment below with your interest in this ships maiden voyage that didn’t make it.


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