Procrastination is the Root of Fear

Procrastination is the Root of Fear - Procrastination is the root of fear. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. We can take our lives back by planning better to manage our time more effectively to avoid procrastination.

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For the past few years I have started a birthday ritual-start the morning with a run, write a blog post and eat a pastry. If I don’t do those things, my birthday is not complete. Well, this year, I accomplished 2/3 of my list. I still ended up having an awesome 37th birthday, complete with friends, family, a nice run and a wonderful pastry-even if it was gluten free (thanks to the bff-she’s gluten free-I’m not).

Last year, I started a list of life lessons I’ve learned thus far and every year I promised myself to add to the list as a chance for reflection and review. This year will be my first addition to my life lesson list and it took almost a lifetime to figure it out:


Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it , sins.~James 4:17 (NIV)

Procrastination is the  Root of Fear

I just finished reading, Taming the To-Do List: How to Choose Your Best Work Everyday by Glynnis Whitwer and this book opened my eyes to a major issue for me.

I have always been a procrastinator and loved using the excuses that “I do my best work at the last minute.” and “I work best late at night.” Since high school, I would be the one to burn the midnight oil and produce an awesome project. My senior year, I remember pulling an all nighter with no sleep. Someone brought some No Doze to school for me to take because I was afraid I would fall asleep in class. My heart raced all day and I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but I stayed awake. I cannot believe that taking a halfway illegal drug was not my fear, but falling asleep was my fear. Now when I look back on my stupidity, I have an “aha” moment. All I had to do was plan better and avoid procrastination. Duh.

The crazy part about that little story is that it doesn’t stop there. And what’s even crazier is that I am hyper-organized with a type-A personality that absolutely loves buying a planner at the end of the year. So much so that I started (and closed) a businesses focused on business organization AND it is on my bucket list to design a planner. But, I constantly stay up 24 hours to complete projects. Who does this? An absolute lunatic named, Dee Dee, that’s who. But, that all stops starting this month. I’m almost 40 and I can’t hang like I used to.

I have decided to start my new year with a different mindset. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and I am planning better to manage my time more effectively to avoid procrastination. I am tackling my hardest projects first thing in the morning. Procrastination has gotten the BEST of me and I’m over it. For example, I neglected this blog and I was hacked. It took 4 hours of phone support spanned over two days to get my blog up and I was so scared that I lost all my content. Had I not procrastinated, this entire situation could have been avoided and I wouldn’t have a themeless (no color or personality for my non techies) blog. And don’t even get me started on how this “birthday” post is two weeks late because I was afraid to write. And the truth is there is nothing to fear-primarily because about two people read my blog and I write for me (and my children).

I have already started tackling projects head on and I look forward to creating a new mindset. From the title of a great movie from the year 2000…BRING IT ON! I’ll keep you posted on my progress of course. Pray for me!

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Do you procrastinate? How do you avoid procrastination? Please share in the comments below. I need all the help I can get.


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