November Takeover Photo A Day Challenge

Wheaton Takeover November Photo A Day Challenge.

Wheaton Takeover November Photo A Day Challenge.

I love challenges. Like seriously love challenges. I can’t get enough of them. One year, some friends and I committed to the 100 Happy Days Challenge (#100happydays) and for 100 days we posted daily pics of anything that made us happy. It was tough some days and definitely  towards the end of the 100 days…but so worth it. Another year, I committed to twelve months of random challenges. Every 30 days I would commit to a new challenge from sit-ups to water consumption. It doesn’t matter to me. A challenge is a challenge.

When you combine my love of challenges, Instagram and November you are bound to have a special treat. This year that treat comes to you in the form of a fun, 30-day photo challenge for November. You should totally join in. It’s simple and tons of fun.

What is the November Takeover Photo A Day Challenge?

At the top of this post are daily photo prompts for each day of November. Each day, you post a picture of your interpretation of the prompt.

How do I join the November Takeover Photo A Day Challenge?

You can join the November Takeover Photo A Day Challenge by simply sharing your photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

To share the fun with other participants, tag your post with the hashtag #novtopadc  so we can comment and see each other’s posts.

Please feel free to tag me using the sites below. I absolutely love seeing your posts.

@wheatontakeover on Instagram

@thewheatontakeover on Facebook

@thewheatontakeover on Twitter

#novtopoadc = (November TakeOver Photo A Day Challenge)

Why should I participate?

This challenge is purely for fun and reflection on the everyday. It is five minutes of your time to be creative and focus on the greatness in your daily life.

There is no pressure to participate in the November Takeover Photo A Day Challenge. If you miss a day, no worries, just jump back on the wagon when you can. You can catch up or start new. It doesn’t matter. This is all for fun. There will be absolutely no stress! Share your everyday in November and most importantly have fun and reflect.

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Will you be participating in the November Takeover Photo a Day Challenge? If so, please leave a comment below and I will follow along.  

Dee Dee Wheaton

Dee Dee Wheaton is the editor and main contributor of her family’s blog, The Wheaton Takeover. She writes and edits her posts listening to hip hop and r&b while sipping hot tea. Dee Dee and her family have temporarily relocated to Dublin, Ireland from Houston, Texas. They are traveling the world, learning and experiencing new things everyday and loving life one day at a time. Through their blog, they share their worldwide excursions, experiences living as American expats in Ireland, lessons learned along the way and glimpses into their crazy life.