My Milan Takeover

In the fall we have a week long break from school. On this break, my family and I took a trip to Milan, Italy. My main goals in Milan were to eat pasta, pizza, gelato and see a few sites in between. We actually ate a lot of pizza, pasta and gelato and my mom took care of the site seeing for us. The food was so good and it was a fun holiday.

Day One

As soon as we got off the plane, we had pizza at a place called, Spontini. It was right across from our apartment. Goal one of four completed.

Day Two

On day two, we took a train and a boat to a village called, Lake Como. Famous people like George Clooney (That’s what the captain on the boat said and he showed us his house.) live on this lake. We had delicious gelato and my mom and sister did some shopping. It was an all day trip. Goal two and three of four completed.

Day Three

On day three we went shopping all day long. We also spent some time at the Duomo di Milano cathedral which was across the street from our apartment. This cathedral has 3400 statues which is the most in the world. It took 6 centuries to complete and is the largest cathedral in Italy. We took the lift to the rooftop and spent a lot of time there. It was really a beautiful cathedral. For lunch we had pizza (again) and for dinner I had spaghetti. Goal four completed.

I really enjoyed our trip to Milan. The only part I didn’t like was the apartment. It had a very small shower. My mom says that we were being ungrateful. I think I just like hotels better.

Bye bye,

Bigg Dogg

If you have any questions about this holiday, please comment below and I will be sure to respond after doing my homework.


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  1. LOVE, love, love reading you all’s blogs!!!!!! I am so happy to hear you enjoy traveling and writing all about it. Wish I could had written my experiences like you guys. Love you family Wheaton ♥️

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