My Malta Takeover

My family and I went on another trip but this time to Malta. We stayed at a very nice apartment and on the balcony you could see the beach and the docked boats.

Day One

On the first day  we stayed at the beach all day and went to the city, St.Julian’s, to eat at a restaurant called Caviar & Bull. Caviar & Bull is a very good restaurant. If you order fish, the waiter brings a fish to the table for you to select that was just caught out in the sea a few minutes earlier.

Day Two

My family had to wake up very early to catch a boat ride. On the boat, we got free drinks and snacks. The boat took us to the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. We sipped drinks out of a pineapple. The salt water stings your eyes and tastes horrible. But, the water is very blue at the Blue Lagoon. I have never seen water this blue before.

Day Three

On day three we also had to wake up very early to catch a ferry. We took the ferry to the island of Gozo. Gozo has a lot of churches and is a beautiful island. We saw the oldest temples in world and the Blue Window. People would jump off the top of the Blue Window (it is a very high jump), but the Blue Window fell last year so our driver took us to see the “New” Blue Window as well.  We also saw the salt pans where sea salt is made

Day Four

On the last day, we went to Popeye Village where they filmed the movie Popeye. Popeye Village is a little place for kids, like an amusement park. They have a beautiful beach and the entire film set is still there.

Malta was our last holiday before school starts and I am going to miss the beach and sun.

Bye bye,

Bigg Dogg

If you have any questions about this holiday, please comment below and I will be sure to respond after doing my homework.


Dee Dee Wheaton

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  1. Hi, Landon what a wonderful experience for you and your family… God has made a beautiful earth for you to enjoy… Where will be your next trip be?

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