Did You Know Ireland Does Black Friday, Too?

black friday

black friday

When we first arrived in Dublin in 2016, we noticed the Black Friday sales and were surprised. Obviously, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Ireland and so to see Black Friday sales, it seemed a bit off because as Americans we associate Black Friday with the day after Thanksgiving or actually the evening of Thanksgiving. To be honest, skipping over Thanksgiving takes an adjustment, it’s a little weird to us Americans.

The sales start on the 4th Friday just like in the states and there are big sales but the similarities stop there. The stores aren’t open super late and they definitely aren’t open on Thursday evening. The stores are crowded but not fist fighting kind of crowded.

All in all Black Friday sales remind me a bit of home even if it’s just hearing the words, “Black Friday.”

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Did you know Black Friday was a thing in Ireland? Please leave a comment and share any Black Friday traditions you may have.

Dee Dee Wheaton

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