Dublin Diaries – September 2018

Dublin Diaries September 2018

Dublin Diaries September 2018

September is trying to decide what it wants to do. The weather is still quite warm and it’s as if summer wants to linger a bit. The entire family is here for it and we are soaking up all the warm weather before we are blasted with cooler weather. I think we are still recovering from our busy summer because besides school and sports (rugby, soccer and gymnastics) being in full swing we have been taking it easy. The shift in routine is a big transition to get adjusted too as I know other families can relate.

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September’s Highlights:

  • Homesickness. Homesickness hit me like a losing boxer in a Mike Tyson fight (showing my age). I felt it from the food I ate to the simple luxury of convenience. It hit the rest of the family too. I believe it has to do with us missing family now that the fun of summer is gone.
  • Saying Goodbye. We had a few going away parties to attend this month. Our sponsors left this month and as we reflected over dinner, I remembered our first taste of Dublin and the beginning of this crazy experience almost two years ago. Saying goodbye to those closest to you is never easy and it certainly didn’t help with my fit of homesickness. I know there is no cure for this feeling so we find creative ways to make the sting a little less prominent.

What I’m LOVIN’ about Dublin this month:

This is just the tip of fall with the leaves starting to fall and change colors.
  • Weather. The weather has been just about perfect. Texas has one season, summer. So, I have never experienced the true feeling of the changing of the seasons until moving to Dublin. And it is one experience I do NOT take for granted. Below is an example of what I experienced my entire life before this move.
This is a summary of Texas weather.
  • The City. I love the fact that we live so close to downtown (city centre). We live about 3.5 miles away from City Centre which is grand (as they say here). Earlier this month it was a nice day and I had some errands to run so I opted to walk to City Centre and enjoyed the day. I was able to experience the hustle and bustle of the city in no time and then bussed it back home just in time for the after school activities. This is always a fun treat for me.

What I’m MISSING about home (the USA, Texas, Houston) this month:

This is an example of a Mexican food pick me up. Not falling for it, especially he sour cream and chive portion of the dip.
  • Good Food. It is what it is. When you are homesick, you miss any and everything. Right now, I am missing every good food item from Texas (or just the USA) there is. I want some good Mexican food (not Tex Mex), iced tea (Yes, I make my own periodically) and a good cupcake (not a fan of the pastries here). I just want options outside of bar food such as burgers and hot wings. I rarely ate drive-thru food at home but after living on this side of the world, I will NEVER take a drive-thru for granted.
  • Breakfast Foods. At home, the kids would make their own breakfast and the husband would surprise us from time to time with some fresh breakfast tacos, doughnuts, kolaches or a serving of refrigerated biscuits. Back to the drive-thru issue, there are no doughnut shops or taco stands so that wipes out two categories. Frozen waffles or pancakes don’t exist here, so I have resorted to making muffins once a week that the kids can heat up themselves along with a piece of fruit. Don’t get me wrong there are sugar waffles which are just that, sugar waffles and fresh pancakes that I can pick up from time to time but for the most part the pancakes require the stove and that puts some of the work on me.
  • Less Homework. I know I am biased. I know my background is in Education. I know I am a nerd. But, the amount of homework given at my kids’ school is RIDICULOUS. They have each been assigned 40-60 math problems a night at times. The school went around and around with this issue last year and the agreement was no more than an hr of homework a  night (which is still too excessive in my opinion and I won’t list my credentials here) Well, either they didn’t get the memo or forgot about the memo this school year. It creates a stressful environment for us all and as the adult, I know it is my responsibility to get is together. So, what is the solution? I decide what is a healthy amount of homework and assign accordingly. I can’t risk their confidence or my sanity anymore.

Say What Now?:

  • The kids are required to wear white runners (tennis shoes) to school this year for gym. Do NOT get me started on how this makes no sense for 4-12 year olds be required to wear white runners for GYM. After one week Bigg Dogg and Glitter Princess have managed to return home with filthy (tennis) shoes and I don’t have the capacity to care about it.

What I’m Reading This Month:


 Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

 Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

 Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

  The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Is there something you want to know about our experience here in Dublin, Ireland? Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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