Dublin Diaries – May 2018

Dublin Diaries May 2018 - May has come in full force. Spring is here and Dublin has actually had some desirable weather and I am in love. That means summer is right around the corner and I can almost taste it. In case you didn't know, summer is my favorite season. In my Olaf voice, "I love summer!"

May has come in full force. Spring is here and Dublin has actually had some desirable weather and I am in love. That means summer is right around the corner and I can almost taste it. In case you didn’t know, summer is my favorite season. In my Olaf voice, “I love summer!”

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May’s Highlights:

  • A Summer of Birthday Celebrations. Bigg Dogg celebrated his birthday a little early with a slumber party. His dad and I braved the elements and hosted 9 boys overnight. There was plenty of food, laughs, running around and only one small injury. Needless to say, he had his slumber party and he knows not to ever make that request again
  • Stomach Flu. Bigg Dogg was hit with the stomach flu. It was not fun. At all. There was plenty of grossness to go around. The poor lad had to miss his EOY field trip and he was not happy. He was down for about 2.5 days. So far the rest of the house has escaped. I’m praying it stays that way.
  • Abortion Referendum. Ireland had voted on an abortion referendum this month. Little did I know, Ireland had the strictest abortion restrictions in the world. There were protests, posters and advocates absolutely everywhere for about a month and a half. You couldn’t escape the propaganda and it was only a matter of time before the kids start to ask what abortion means and so we’ve had that discussion over and over again. Thank goodness the vote is over and now Glitter Princess is asking, “Can they take down the signs already?” I agree. I’m over seeing the fetus posters. Click here for more information on the vote.
  • Royal Wedding. The royal wedding took place this month. It was a beautiful ceremony and we watched some of the around the clock footage here. I’m sure America went above and beyond in it’s coverage especially with an American bride and the newness the husband and wife to be appear to be ushering in.

What I’m LOVIN’ about Dublin this month:

  • Weather. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I have taken full advantage. If the weather and my schedule permits, I have been skipping the gym and heading out for a hike. Just this month, we ventured out to Sugarloaf Mountain, Ticknock, Hell Fire Club and completed the Greystones to Bray cliff walk twice. The views are gorgeous, the air is fresh and it is still amazing that in about 20 minutes I can take a hike away from the city. I soak it all in on every visit.

  • Birthday Celebrations. The husband wanted steak for his birthday so we celebrated with a delicious Tomahawk steak at what what was supposed to be a small brunch restaurant. I keep saying it but I am not a steak chick but I have tasted the best steaks of my life in Dublin and this is coming from a girl from Texas. Needless to say, we ALL got steak wasted for HIS birthday.

What I’m MISSING about home (the USA, Texas, Houston) this month:

  • Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is on a different day in Ireland than it is in the states. It’s usually a few weeks apart so for me it’s a win because I celebrate two mother’s days ?. But, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I miss the over emotional Hallmark commercials, ridiculously overcrowded restaurants and my husband cooking me a delicious crab dinner with a side of coke (a rare treat for me) while I relax a bit. Mother’s Day in Ireland is nowhere near the American over commercialization of the random holiday and ultimately, I miss that. This year I spent Mother’s Day shuffling Bigg Dogg to rugby and baseball and the weather was meh.
  • Customer Service. You know I couldn’t let a month pass without a customer service issue in Ireland. This time it was the bus driver. When we first moved here, the husband had an issue with a bus driver and this month it was my turn. I was standing at a busy bus stop with the little people and the bus pulled up. It was an unusually busy Saturday afternoon and two busses had already passed because they were full. So, when this one bus actually stopped there was a rush to get on the bus. The driver closes the door on me. I was literally standing in the doorway and he closes the door on me and I was stuck in the middle. I LOST IT. In so many words, I told him that a simple, “My apologies. The bus is full.” would suffice and there was no need to close me in the door and not to mention the two kids behind me. I did use my sophisticated angry voice because the kids were watching and I probably scared the poor college kids (the stop was on a college campus) out of their skins. But, he got my point and looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Who knows? He probably went to the next stop and closed the door on a mom with a stroller.

Say What Now?:

  • I went grocery shopping with my visitor this month and I asked, “Please hand me a packet of coriander.” She was highly confused as was I because I forgot, coriander IS cilantro on this side of the world.
  • A friend texted that she was shopping for toothpicks and wanted to know if they were called something else here because she couldn’t find them. Well, not finding common (to Americans) items is nothing new. But sure enough, she asked for help and found the cocktail sticks. Who knew?
  • Bigg Dogg has started playing soccer and anytime a goal is missed, the parents shout, “Hard Luck!”. The husband says that this is also the case in rugby. I haven’t heard it yet in rugby but I will listen next season.

What I’m Reading This Month:


 Harry Potter-Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

  The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

 Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor 

 Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs


 Happy Pretty Messy by Natalie Wise  

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

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