Dublin Diaries – January 2018

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Dublin Diaries January 2018

It is 2018. Unbelievable. The Christmas decorations are gone, the celebrations have slowed and we are back to business in Dublin as usual. We are slowly stepping into the new year and awaiting spring’s arrival. I love the feeling of the new year and a new planner is no exception. This year, I’m trying bullet journaling so this nerd has been eager to put her bullet journal to good use by planning my new year.  I’ll be sure to post about it soon. The kids are back in school and our winter holiday is officially over (although the weather is still here).  Spring is right around the corner, so, let’s get this party started.

January’s Highlights:

  • Visit to the Doctor. The Glitter Princess had some stomach issues resurface that required us visiting the GP (General Practitioner/Doctor). She also had an annoying cough and her chest was examined. After listening to the cough and her breathing the doctor recommended an antibiotic but ASKED if I wanted a script. She was not pushy and completely left the decision up to me. Now I know, the health care decisions are ultimately always my choice but in the United States, it never feels that way. I was completely taken aback and confused.

Dublin Diaries Pen License

  • Pen Licence. The Bigg Dogg has this school year to earn his pen licence. In Ireland, handwriting is a serious matter and the pen license gives him the option to complete assignments in pen. Unfortunately, he started school on the back end and has to play handwriting catchup and believe me he is working very hard so send some pats on the back his way, please.

What I’m LOVIN’ about Dublin this month:

  • Snow. It snowed a bit in Dublin this month and we were over the moon. The snow lasted until late afternoon the next day. It was a great experience and one I wanted the kids to tuck away in their memories. Mission accomplished.

What I’m MISSING about home (the USA, Texas, Houston) this month:

  • Shipley Do-Nut Holes. I have mentioned previously that I am not a fan of the pastries on this side of the world and donuts are no exception. So, seriously these days I have been craving a bag of Shipley’s Do-Nut Holes. On the way to school, I would get each kid a bag of donut holes on Friday mornings. Sigh. The things we miss when they are taken from us.
  • Convenience. The doctor wrote a paper script for the Glitter Princess’ prescription that I had to hand deliver to the *chemist and wait in the shop for it to be filled because there was no drive-thru. I will admit that it did not take long, but its just the simple luxuries that I am accustomed to. The Glitter Princess also needs to see an allergist for testing and in order to see a specialist, the GP must send the referral by *post (send a hard copy letter in the mail) and we wait until it is received by the specialist, we will then be contacted by phone to set up an appointment. This process takes about 2 weeks. Seriously. Mind Blown.

Say What Now?:

  • The Glitter Princess came home from school and her excitement level was on 1000 because they were starting joint writing in school. I, of course, had to be schooled on the specifics of joint writing. And thank goodness this child has a point of reference. She informed me that joint writing is simply cursive wring. Problem solved.
  • The doctor’s prescription had to be filled at the *chemist. Luckily, I had heard the term *chemist used before so I knew it meant pharmacist in my world.
  • A referral to see a specialist doctor must be made by *post which is mail. Yes, a hard copy letter sent in the mail.

What I’m Reading This Month:


Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Is there something you want to know about our experience here in Dublin, Ireland? Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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