Did You Know Eggs Aren’t Refrigerated In Ireland?

Egg Storage in Ireland
Eggs on the shelves on the cereal aisle in a grocery store in Dublin


Did you know eggs are stored on the shelf in Ireland? In America, the eggs sold in grocery stores are all white and refrigerated. When we moved to Ireland, we soon discovered the eggs were stored on the regular shelves and not refrigerated. We were completely confused and had to do a little research because it was something we had never experienced.

Egg in Ireland
The infamous feather in a carton of eggs purchased in Dublin, Ireland.

Through my non-scientific research, I found out that in America, the eggs are washed and must be chilled after the process to keep the microorganisms away. The eggs in Ireland are not washed and do not need to be refrigerated. So, this means you can leave your eggs right on your kitchen counter. I have some friends that store their eggs in pretty bowls on their counter as you would store fruit. I will embarrassingly admit that we store our eggs in the refrigerator because it’s just one of those weird things I couldn’t give up.

The eggs produced here are all brown. Now, of course, there are exceptions to every rule. In Texas, we could find brown eggs in specialty grocery stores and here in Ireland, we can find white eggs but they are considered a specialty. And because the eggs are not washed it is guaranteed that you will have poop, dirt or even a feather or two on your eggs. Bigg Dogg and the Glitter Princess were grossed out when they discovered a feather in the egg carton for the first time. Sometimes, the feathers do give me pause but not for long.

How are you feeling about your eggs now? Is there something else you want to know about life in Dublin? Leave a comment below and I’ll share our experience.

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Dee Dee Wheaton

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