Did You Know?

As an expat living in another country, there are many first time and highly unusual experiences that can be credited to simply living in a new country. Some of these experiences are wonderful and make perfect sense and other experiences may leave you scratching your head in disbelief. Regardless, lessons can be learned from all the experiences and that makes us stronger in the end.

As Americans living in Ireland, we have had our fair share of unique experiences. When we talk to friends and family at home, we are asked several questions about living in Ireland. The questions range from does it really rain all the time to does Guinness really taste different? The questions never cease to amaze or bore us. We love talking and sharing information about our lives as expats.

I decided to start this section on the blog to answer all those questions no matter how complex about life in Ireland that may be new to outsiders. If you have a question you desperately want answered, please email us at thewheatontakeover@gmail.com and we will get to answering. And remember, all questions are welcome.

Black Friday
Did You Know?

Did You Know Ireland Does Black Friday, Too?

When we first arrived in Dublin in 2016, we noticed the Black Friday sales and were surprised. Obviously, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Ireland and so to see Black Friday sales, it seemed a bit off because as Americans we associate Black Friday with the day after Thanksgiving or actually the evening of Thanksgiving. To […]

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