Dee Dee Wheaton

I am the main blogger of our little corner of the internet. We started this blog to share our travel experiences with our family and friends. And being a mom, there is always an ulterior motive. I wanted to build the writing and grammar skills of my son, tap into the video world of my daughter and share may husbands semi-hobby of photography. Oh, and release some of my own creative energy.

I am also a big reader and share my love of books on my bookstagram and goodreads accounts.

Just to give you a fun glimpse into who I am, here are ten uniquely interesting facts about me. Why not? And don’t judge me.:

  1. I am allergic to pecans, squid and rasberries.
  2. I am a recovering night owl. It’s a struggle every night.
  3. I was a Psychology major for one semester and still try to talk myself out of becoming a certified therapist.
  4. I love iced tea and prefer to make my own Southern Sweet Tea.
  5. I have been addicted to Apple devices since my husband bought me the first iPod.
  6. I study the bible every morning-some mornings it’s five minutes other mornings it lasts an hour or more.
  7. I don’t wear gold jewelry.
  8. I have owned, opened and closed three businesses.
  9. I obsess about my teeth. I am so serious about my dentist appointments, flossing, straightening, whitening and everything teeth related. I have had braces twice. I have had teeth pulled without anesthesia (talk to my mom about that one). I had 4 teeth pulled before braces (not including wisdom teeth). I still wear retainers.
  10. I can’t sleep without socks. It just doesn’t feel right.

I look forward to sharing more about the experiences of Wheaton Takeover with you. Feel free to connect on social media.


All views expressed on this blog are entirely my own and do not represent U.S. foreign policy or the U.S. government in any way.