40 Random Acts of Kindness for My 40th Birthday

40 Random Acts of Kindness

40 Random Acts of Kindness

I am turning 40 next month. I have mixed feelings about this milestone. And with that said, I have been looking for ways to commemorate this special occasion outside of spoiling myself. Primarily because I know this will be a bittersweet celebration. I will not celebrate on a beach (being born in November kills the summer vibe), I will not celebrate with friends and family (because of the expat life) and I will not eat my favorite foods and drink my favorite drinks (because I live in Ireland). 

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So, I decided to turn this sourpuss attitude around because after all I have too much to be thankful for. God has blessed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Just the opportunity to live in and travel around Ireland, a faithful and committed husband for over 15 years, humble and happy children, family and friends that love me and a healthy body is enough to know that I am His forever.

For the husband’s 40th, we gave him a daily gift for 40 days and on his birthday presented him with letters of love from over 40 friends and family. But, in this family we all know I’m the creative one. So, I created my own 40 day celebration by committing to performing 40 days of random acts of kindness. I have been blessed so much during this last four decades of my life that I can put a little effort into blessing others. My random acts of kindness may not be grandiose but a little goes a long way. And who knows someone else may be encouraged to perform their own RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS (RAK) CHALLENGE.

Random Acts Of Kindness


DAY 1.  We were at the pool and I was settled in my chair with my towel positioned perfectly, reading a book and a lady proceeded to drag her chair across the pool to sit next to her friend. I simply told her I would move and she could have my chair and I moved and settled in on the other side of the pool. As a bonus, just being at the pool at the hotel was a RAK because I was not in the mood for doing a full head of hair after a full day of rugby and road tripping but I surprised the Glitter Princess and let her enjoy some pool fun.

DAY 2. I reached out to a friend that had been on my mind for a few weeks. This friend put a bug in my ear about someone I had lost complete contact with and I in turn reached out to this friend in need and after a long convo, restored much needed laughter and comfort to both our hearts.

DAY 3. I helped my class instructor at the gym put away equipment without asking. He insisted that I leave the equipment but I refused.

DAY 4. I sent a book about expecting twins to a friend that is expecting two wonderful babies. She’s so excited. I’m excited and I wanted to send some virtual hugs and love.

DAY 5. I mailed a package for a college friend of the husband. It was for an item exclusive to Europe and I even went the extra step of mailing the package a few days earlier than expected.

DAY 6. I baked cookies for the kids for the school bake sale. I usually opt out of participating in the school bake sales. Because, you know…I don’t want to bake. But, the Glitter Princess did most of the work and it ended up being a fun evening.

DAY 7. I gave the pizza delivery guy a double tip.

DAY 8. I invited a friend of the Glitter Princess to a movie.

DAY 9. I sent a BELATED (like 4 months) birthday gift to my nephew. This gift was special because the Glitter Princess picked it out especially for him because he loves sharks and dinosaurs and she spotted these gifts this summer…but time got the best of me.

DAY 10. I read and left comments on 10 different blog articles.

DAY 11. I offered to let a little girl behind me go before me while waiting in the queue to use the toilets and Lord knows I really needed to go. I have started drinking the recommended amount of water for my body weight and ummmm…let’s just say when I have to go it is not pretty.

DAY 12. I HELPED the Glitter Princess bake sugar cookies from scratch for a Halloween party we will be attending tonight despite the guest telling us not to bring anything.

DAY 13. I donated a bag of clothes and goods to the Irish Cancer Society.

DAY 14. I cleaned the Glitter Princess’ closet and dropped off two bags of the cutest clothes and games to a sweet little friend of hers.

DAY 15. I held the umbrella for a mom so she could enjoy her coffee and we could continue to watch our sons play their soccer match.

DAY 16. I shared a recipe with a couple of friends that asked about the meal I cooked them over the summer. They were traveling and moving at the time and I’m sure a recipe was the least of the their concerns at the time.

DAY 17. On one of the husband’s rare days I off, I offered to take Bigg Dogg to soccer practice so he could give a friend a car jump start.

DAY 18. I racked all my weights in their proper location in the gym after lifting and I helped a mom in the dressing room find her toddler’s runners that mysteriously went missing.

DAY 19. I wrote a letter to a stranger in need of a little love through More Love Letters.

DAY 20. I helped a dad with his bags at the gym. The poor guy was trying to juggle holding his sleeping daughter, his two sons and three deceivingly heavy bags. His sons managed to carry two bags and I told him I had the third one and carried it across the tennis courts for him.

DAY 21. I gave money to a charity collection in Tesco (the local grocery store) that I walk right past 100% of the time.

DAY 22. I held jackets for the boys on Bigg Dogg’s soccer team so they would stay somewhat dry. It was a cold and rainy day. I also held the umbrella for another mom as she held half of the jackets so her hands could stay warm because I had gloves and she didn’t.

DAY 23. I mailed a letter to Letters of Love for the Elderly. The Glitter Princess decorated colored a picture and the envelope.

DAY 24. I was working on my laptop in the park and the cutest little girl ran over, banged on my keys and looked at the screen. Her mother ran over completely embarrassed. I calmed the mother down and carried on a delightful conversation with her about living as an outsider in Ireland, raising a child with a speech delay and missing the warm weather of our home countries.

DAY 25. I held the door for everyone and their mother at the entrance of the gym.

DAY 26. I waited patiently (although I was in an absolute rush) as the lady in front of me took her time at the photo booth printing machine. This was after I let her go in front of me and went to run errands only to return and she was still fiddling with her phone.

DAY 27. After Bigg Dogg’s coaching session, I bought cold Gatorades for the coach, his son, Bigg Dogg and Glitter Princess.

DAY 28. I HELPED the Glitter Princess bake sweet potato bread for the husband’s Thanksgiving luncheon at work after receiving a late afternoon phone call informing of the luncheon the next day.

DAY 29. The Glitter Princess and I decorated, wrote and mailed cards for hospitalized children through Cards for Hospitalized Children.

DAY 30. I bought hot chocolates for the Glitter Princess and her friend. These poor girls sit through practice or matches every Sunday while their brothers play their hearts

DAY 31. I wrote a blog post for a friend to post on her blog. She has been working on building her online presence for months.

DAY 32. I tied the shoes of a pregnant woman in the mall that couldn’t reach her shoes without sitting down.

DAY 33.I turned around in traffic to give a lift to a family headed to the same event.

DAY 34. I cooked and delivered food to a family that had a family member in the hospital.

DAY 35. I wrote and mailed long overdue thank you cards.

DAY 36. I sent a care package full of goodies and nonsense to my niece and nephew.

DAY 37. I scheduled two surprise playdates for the Glitter Princess.

DAY 38. I put my last statements in paperless status to do one extra small deed to reduce waste.

DAY 39. I left a glowing review for my awesome eyebrow specialist that gives me life every month (or so).

DAY 40. On my birthday, I bought Roman souvenirs for all my sweet family and friends at home.

Hugs and love,

Dee Dee

Have you ever participated in a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge? If so, what sort of acts did you complete? Please leave a comment below and share. I’d love to hear about it.

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