3 Things I Loved About Greece (from a kid)

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My parents traveled to Greece with kids for OUR summer holiday. We had a good time and came home with great tans. The three things I loved most about Greece was the seafood, scenery and beaches.


Greece has some of the best seafood I have ever tasted. All the seafood is pulled right out of the ocean before your eyes and delivered to the restaurant. I ate seafood every day. My dad even had lobster spaghetti…twice!

Octopus is a popular dish to eat in Greece, but I just couldn’t do it.


In Athens, we saw a lot of ancient historical ruins. We visited ruins as old as 5th century BC. Athens is the birthplace of western civilization and at the Acropolis Museum, we saw preserved vases, sculptures and jewelry.

We also visited the Panathenaic Stadium which is where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896. It is the only stadium in the world built completely out of marble. We even stood on the winner’s block. You know I couldn’t wait to stand in first place.


I was determined to see the blue domes in Santorini that you see in all the pictures. One day we were walking around town waiting for our dinner reservation and we saw the domes. There were a lot of people trying to take pictures of the domes. I expected more but there were only 3. The domes are one top of a Greek church called Aghioi Theodoroi (Saints Theodore).


The beaches we visited in Crete were beautiful. Most of the beaches we visited were sandy, but we did visit one rocky beach. The water was completely clear and blue. Going back to the scenery, you could see high cliffs and mountains from the beach. My mommy knows I love the beach and it took us less than two minutes to walk to the beach from our apartment. I was so happy in Crete and I always say, the beach is my happy place. I think my mommy agrees because all she wanted to do was lay on the beach in the sun and read.


Greece has moved up my favorite holiday list. I miss it all the time.

Have you traveled to Greece with kids? What did you like or didn’t like? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of my review. I’ll be sure to respond after I finish playing with my dolls, jumping on my trampoline or baking dessert.

Dee Dee Wheaton

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  1. Well Karsen, you and I have some things in common! I also loved Greece. The food was some of the best tasting dishes I’ve ever experienced, although I can’t believe I overlooked the seafood. The beaches were incredible. I’d also call it my “happy place”. Floating around in the ocean with the cliffs towering above was something I’ll never forget. Nice job writing about your experience. I loved reading about Greece from your perspective!

  2. Love, love, love this! Glitter princess has a future in travel writing ❤❤! I am so proud of her ?

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